“Purpose Is most powerful when it taps into a ‘universal human truth’. In other words, it is fully

aligned with the higher aspects of what it means to be human. Such a purpose has an uplifting moral quality, appealing to people’s highest ideals and motives and transcending narrow personal concerns.”

“Purpose is something we can never take for granted; the moment we do, it starts to be

forgotten and soon disappears. I has to be at the forefront of consciousness (and therefore

decision making) literally all the time.”

“Purpose-informed decision making is a critical connection point between clarity of purpose

and superior performance, financially and otherwise.”

“What are the two most important days in a person’s life? The first most important day is when

we are born (i.e., come into human existence). The second most important day, is the day that

we become aware of why we are here on this earth (i.e., the purpose of our existence).

“What people want in life is to be recognized, to grow and to have made a difference.

Difference can come in many forms; by touching someone, by helping others, by creating

something that was not there before.”

“Every conscious (relationship, community, environmental, business and political) action has a higher purpose which addresses fundamental questions such as: Why do we exist? Why do we need to exist?

What is the contribution that we want to make? Why is the world a better place because we are here? Would we be missed if we disappeared?”

“PURPOSE, MISSION AND VISION: Purpose refers to the difference you’re trying to make in the world, mission is the core strategy that must be undertaken to fulfill that purpose,

and vision is a vivid, imaginative conception or view of how the world will look once your purpose has been largely realized.”


Our community co-creates a safe, supportive environment where members can begin to unfold and unpack their authentic expression, and be received “where they are” in that moment - whether they’re having a joyful, inspired moment, or a rough one, or anywhere in between. By exploring “what is” and “what is possible” together, we create a safe field of trust and change. We call this “resonance.”

*Quotes, below, are from the book, Conscious Capitalism, by John Mackey and Raj Sisodia

When we can see and feel clearly into what is transpiring inside of us, it becomes easier to share this authentic experience with others. In BCC, we strive to practice this deepening of awareness about ourselves, so that we can grow together and move beyond former limitations of communication and community experience. 

Of course, many times when we are sharing “resonance”, this may be about uplifting, empowering thoughts, feelings, and vibrations in our lives. 

And, there are typically times when people experience change or discomfort in life, community, and relationships. 

We recognize that this work, this opportunity of resonance, always begins with ourselves. 

Any time that we recognize inside that something, in that moment, is standing in the way of our experience of loving kindness and compassion for ourselves and/or for others, we consider ourselves “in session” to leverage this as a learning opportunity. 

We further recognize that whatever is arising in us that feels uncomfortable might be pointing to an experience of personal separation from our loving essence, and we recognize our personal power to do something about this separation by trusting in the field of safety, comfort and support created by the community.

We gently invite the experience and expression of human uncomfortableness that may become present in those vulnerable moments, as a gift of intimacy.