Resonance, continued

 Our “School of Resonance” begins any time that we recognize inside that something, in that moment, is standing in the way of our experience of loving kindness and compassion for ourselves and/or for others. We recognize this as an experience of personal separation from our loving essence. We recognize our personal power to do something about this.

Vulnerability, is an essential quality of experience and sharing that we are individually and collectively committed to experiencing and expressing with each other….intimately. We gently invite the experience and expression of human uncomfortableness that may become present in those vulnerable moments, as a gift of intimacy. 

Self responsibility (self-response-ability) is a level of emotional intelligence, self-awareness and self-management that we aspire to in our communications with each other.  This capacity enables us to shift any conversation from a focus on “other” to a focus on “self”.

Willingness to make mistakes, to look bad and to hang out in “not knowing” the answers to our challenges, is an important part of our journey toward intimacy. We, to the best of our ability, let go of our commitment to willfulness (i.e., “knowing” or “being right” or “looking good”  about anything.) 

Regardless of the stated purpose of our individual and community gatherings, we agree to defer that purpose, as needed, to our commitment to explore intimacy as those opportunities arise.

We bring our creative genius to discovering new and creative ways to deepen in our experience and expression of intimacy, even when others around us may not share this commitment or ability to be intimate.

We recognize that any co-creative human and community endeavor and power of productivity is expanded in the space of shared intimacy.